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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

It's been a busy few weeks.  Evan decided to come down with (and share) a fun-sized case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. To be honest, the first time I heard of this I thought okay, I know I haven't let my kid play with any cows or other farm animals.  Ah yes, I'd confused HFM with Hoof and Mouth. Two very, very different animals, so to speak.

We're back on track now and Evan has turned his attention to much more exciting things - like Easter bunnies, chocolate, baskets, chocolate, toys, chocolate.  Evan LOVES this holiday (he is definitely my child).

We went to the Zoo for the annual  Easter party.  This year Evan added face painting to the repertoire.

And wonder of wonders, he actually sat on the Easter Bunny's lap.

Checking out his loot.

Liking this whole hidden candy thing...

But finally time for a nap on Aunt Andie's shoulder.

And a pose with a surprise visit from his grandparents.

This week my sister-in-law was nice enough to take some Easter photos in the park.  Goodness this boy is photogenic.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!