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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Pinch Here, A Light Lift There...

I've decided this blog needs a face lift. Frankly, it's getting harder for me to remember and properly document about all the fabulous new things Evan does. Let me be clear, they ARE fabulous and as far as I'm concerned, worthy of a Ken Burns, PBS-style documentary on brilliant toddlers. But I'm also fairly certain that aside from my wonderful mother-in-law, no one else reads this and if they did, they've since left this world, having died of boredom.

So, here it is. My blogolution for 2010 - better blogging (and stop making up words like blogolution)! Hold the phones, I know what you're thinking, does this mean no more blogging about Evan??? Uh no, 'cause everybody knows he's the most entertaining member of our household. You gotta' be something to be nicknamed Henry Tooter, or my newest favorite, The Evanator*.

Just to prove it, here's the update:

-Evan loves our animals. Loves to feed them, chase them, and scare the bejeezus out of them. And they love him back. I mean, sure, one now has a heart murmur, one is blind and has the worst feline asthma the vet has ever seen, one's tail shakes anytime he's near, and the dog has nearly managed to eat through a metal crate, but reallllly, they love him!

-He still hates TV. If it's on and he's in the room, you must pretend not to watch and to only be interested in all things Evan. If he catches you watching, it's over. He knows how to turn off the TV and he will. If you try to stop him, 'yer toast. On the upside, this means he's not watching Yo Gabba Gabba (acid trip for the toddler-set), Sponge Bob, or gawd help us, that evil red always-talking-in-the-third-person-making-my-ears-bleed Elmo.

-He sleeps!!!! Sorta'! I hesitate to even write this since any mention of sleeping through the night in the past has come back to bite me in the arse. If, and only if, all the stars are aligned - he's not teething, sick, or didn't eat something he shouldn't have (who knew you shouldn't give babies five-alarm chili?), then sometimes karma blesses us with a good night's sleep.

-It is not advisable to leave your computer within Evan's reach without adult supervision (or with, for that matter). Unless you need all the keys removed from your keyboard. Mommy FAIL.

-King Henry was vastly interested in the snow, until he actually was in it. This was his ruling as he watched Dan scrape the sidewalk:

Now in true dictatorial, Kingly fashion he just points with one hand, puts the other hand on his hip and shouts "snow!" while safely ensconced inside the house.

As always, comments are welcome. Keep it tidy and I'll read them to HRH. He loves mail.

*thanks Heidi, it stuck


angie_lu101 said...

I still read! =) I don't keep up with my blog much either since I got into Facebook, but there are people who don't have FB who want to know stuff...so I gave my blog a facelift and am trying to remember to post there too!

CiarĂ¡n did not like the snow either. The first significant snowfall was shortly after his first birthday, I think. He was all suited up in his boots and snowsuit and then took a nosedive into about 6 inches worth. He was not pleased at all. Now he thinks it's loads of fun.

We keep a firm grip on how much TV he watches and what he watches. He's into the Wiggles now and occasionally Bob the Builder. I agree that Yo Gabba Gabba is pretty trippy, but it's actually enjoyable for the grown-ups in our house, which is more than I can say about other children's programming. Jeff wants to discontinue our donation to Sesame Workshop because he hates what they've done to the new season of Sesame Street.

CFO said...

Love your winter photos!

CFO said...

I love your winter pictures! Let me know how the fritatta works out! :) Sydney LOVES them.

Chris said...

Still following...glad the sleeping thing is working.
Me, I love Spongebob! The kids, not so much.