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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mornings with Evan

Saturday mornings with Evan might just be my favorite part of the week. Even on those days when he decides it's going to be a really early start, it's always entertaining. I don't know what Dan will do if Evan turns out to be a morning person too.

Here he is enjoying a few Cheerios and testing out his toys.

We were pretty sure Evan was going to go away to college still eating baby food, but this week he really surprised us. On Monday any table food that hit his mouth was quickly raspberried out (except Cheerios and Puffs). The very next day, he couldn't get enough of table food. . . green beans, peas, noodles, eggs, even curried cauliflower! He loves spicy food. Given the choice between the hot dogs and the smoked sausage, he fed the hot dog pieces to the dog. Smart kid.

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Your Favorite Sister said...

Our pediatrician reminded us frequently at that age that we've never been asked when we started eating solid foods in a job interview. :)