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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So where did we go?

Well, nowhere quite honestly. We barely leave the house anymore. When I say "barely," of course I mean the average of me getting to leave the house to gather supplies and nourishment and her never getting to leave the house at all.

But the more important question is: is anyone even reading this blog?

We're not bad parents, and we didn't try to take him back to the hospital and ask for a refund. We've just been a teensie-weensie bit overwhelmed by Parenthood. So while we apologize for not getting these out sooner, we're sure you understand.
So here are a couple of pictures to get your Evan Henry fix...

More soon I promise.

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Barbara Priest said...

AHH - parenthood. No one can tell you what it is really like. It is one of those thing that you have to experience. Just hang in there. It does get easier, but with every stage there are always new challenges.

He is adorable! I love the videos.