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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evan's First Bottle

Dan offered to give me a short break on Thursday night by giving Evan his first bottle. OK, technically we did a short trial run a week ago just to see if Evan would take a bottle (which he did) but this was the first "full" bottle-only feeding. It's a much longer process to get a bottle ready - transfer milk to bottle stored in fridge, put bottle in cup of hot water for several minutes and try to occupy crying baby until it's ready. I was sleeping in the other room, but I woke up to hear the chaos of trying to do this before the crying intensifies. So, yes, while it was supposed to be a break for me (it still was!!) I couldn't help but get up to take a picture of Evan's daddy giving him a bottle. He took to it like a champ - the 3 ounces the nurse recommended wasn't enough! I think Dan's ready to take over the 3 a.m. (and 5 or 6 a.m.) feedings too, don't you?

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