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In 2010, I decided I needed a new hobby, you know, 'cause working full-time, having a toddler, and a slew of other obligations weren't enough! I needed a creative outlet. So I decided to pick-up on a hobby I had set aside several years ago. I got my first SLR in 1998, and jumped into learning everything I could. I carried my little Nikon FG everywhere, seeing what kinds of images might be returned to me from the lab (yes, lab, because this was in the dark ages of film photography and I was without a darkroom). My dog, Beau, was often the subject of my trials. Such a good boy! Apologies for the quality of an old scanned photo. I look at this now and see chopped paws, harsh side lighting, and centered composition, oh noes! But, it still makes my mama heart melt.

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Then my camera just quit working one day. I took it to the shop but it was going to cost more to fix it than what I'd paid for it in the first place! So my hobby had to be put aside for a while.

A while turned into several years - but I decided a few years ago to dive back in with a DSLR (and my fixed FG for playing with film). In 2017, after years of contemplating going full frame I completely switched my approach and bought into a Fuji mirrorless system. There are pros/cons to it and I feel like there will always be something to learn, but I'm having fun on the journey.